Wednesday, 11 February 2015

30 Great tips on running a takeaway restaurant

30 Takeaway Tips- Learning’s from 25 years in the industry that will help drive your business”

Let me introduce myself I'm Ben Walker owner of Pressure Wash Rescue providing commercial external cleaning & kitchen hood & ducting deep clean to Tr19 standard & pressure wash cleaning
I would like to just spend a moment to outline my background and aim of this booklet
As you can see from the title my previous life was working in fast food retail with some of the biggest brands out there. Pizza Hut Delivery, Burger King and McDonald's. I have had a string of nominations for my industry such as in 2001 I was awarded Pizza Hut delivery manager of the year for the UK. I also achieved similar great results as Area manager of the year 2011 running delivery & food court stores throughout the UK.

My final role was leading a team of 3 Area managers & 500 staff over 20 stores in a top Pizza Franchise dealing with all aspects of health and safety, brand, profit & team development.

All though Fast food based nearly all the elements in this book relate or can be transposed to any independent or small franchise business out there who is selling a product/service to customers 

This blog isn't designed to teach you “how to suck eggs” or suggest that you don’t know what you’re doing. After all you are out there working for yourselves each day so know your businesses inside out. It’s also not a Master’s thesis in business management. It’s written by someone in the real world who has done all the dirty jobs, all the overnight cleans, all the peak Saturday night, and those 7 day back to back shifts when everyone else is sick. So you’re amongst friends.
This is a deposit of thoughts and tips from what I’ve experienced and I know will help maximize your business and reduce your risk. If after reading this you have any thoughts or tips yourself drop me a line at and ill add them to the improved booklet as I update and give you an accreditation.

Lets begin by defining what you are trying to achieve, 

              The Operating Pillars of your Business

“No matter how big or small; your operation is based on the same rules. You need to provide a great product, with service customer’s love.  Have effective marketing and doggedly control your costs. 

This will draw customers into buying your service and make you PROFIT.

These are the 4 pillars of your operations Product, Service, Marketing, Profit and they support your BRAND. Like a table if you remove one of these supporting 4 legs your business starts to tipple over, lose two and you've had it.”

For example
A    You serve amazing product with great margin BUT you have 1000’s of time complaints and your staff are grumpy and steal
B    You have the most amazing team and a massive marketing budget BUT you spend double industry standard on your product costs and your competitors offer is better quality.

In A you begin steadily building a flow of new customers but disappoint and never get a return visit. You’ll spiral down as your customer base reduces due to team apathy and care. Then you’ll  probably start chasing sales with discounts wrecking your advantage in great margins and go broke

In B you’ll start like a house on fire but have to control your amazing teams rota so much (to balance cost of sales) you turn them into a dysfunctional under staffed team providing bad service. Matched with poor product this stops repeat orders and we start the customer decline; discounting spiral again and go broke.

In this blog over the weeks I will give you tips for each of the 4 supporting pillars of your business so you can


Tip #1 next week

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