Wednesday, 25 February 2015

30 Great tips on running a takeaway restaurant ( Tip 1 & 2 )


                                CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
                  “It’s about order ease, image, re-assurance and great motivated people”
Tip 1#   Uniform – Get a basic t-shirt and hat.
They are so cheap on e-bay but it instantly makes a difference to people perception and can they trust you or are you serious about your service. Keep it simple it doesn’t need to be logo’d just conformity for all. What’s your big competitor wear? Maybe just copy their colours? There are laws regarding colour ownership in some instances so best to research. People make judgments very quickly on what they see and sometimes just don’t look more than a quick glance. A uniform suggests brand, care, professionalism all words you want associated with your business.  I’ll come back to this idea of perception and awareness later but here’s an example of a customer selection process that has nothing to do with your posters or menu’s.
“I was a burger king manager in a city centre site when a man came in and asked for a meat feast pizza. I said we don’t do that we only do burgers. He looked at me confused but you’re a Pizza Hut he said. No I replied Burger king. He turned and pointed to the exit “but you’ve got a red neon light going around your roof?” In the end he bought a burger.

 Tip 2#   Hand-written signs in customer view
Please just don’t do it. No matter how steady a hand you have it looks poor. Becomes dog eared and is still there 4 years from now going yellow. Would you hand write your leaflets to post through a door? Then why have these up in view when the customers visit you? Team notices out of view is no problem.


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