Sunday, 22 March 2015

30 Great tips on running a takeaway restaurant ( Tip 3 & 4 )

Tip 3#  Lines of sight of customer
Stand outside your business what can you see. Loads of junk in the kitchen? Are staff smoking outside at the corner door? Can you see all the way to the back kitchen underneath the pot-wash where you keep all your half used cleaning chemicals? You need to keep things clear and un-littered, like an operating theatre, everything in its place. Let’s use the medical analogy again would you expect an operating theatre to have 200 pairs of surgical gloves stuffed under your table as the surgeon works on you? No, so why have you 20,000 plastic spoons on a shelf in full view from the high street window? Remember people are buying with their eyes always. Look the part.

 Tip4#   Mission statement-
OMG I hear you say I’m a small business not a national corporation. It doesn’t matter how small you are to have a goal. The reason these big companies have these is to focus themselves and their customers on what they provide and boast about themselves in a good way. Here an example
 “Ben’s Brilliant Burgers-we will always provide the very best burgers in town and treat with care and attention every order, making sure it’s freshly cooked, topped your way & delivered on time”

You can use this statement everywhere on branding and have it pined up in store for staff and customers to see. It’s your customer contract and defines your business quickly and memorably is a commercial kitchen deep cleaners providing TR19 duct cleanliness certificates.

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