Monday, 6 April 2015

30 Great tips on running a takeaway restaurant ( Tip 5 & 6 )

Tip5#   Define reality (no self-delusions please)

What are you trying to achieve and what is the present reality? The likely hood is they are quite apart.  You all know your business so this should be easy even if you’re sat at home. Imagine you’re there now as a customer (but don’t cheat.) If you can’t trust yourself go in and do it for real.
How easy is it to order? Walk through the routine in your head. Outside can you tell from the signage and window posters what you sell? Is it dark do your sign lights work? Look inside through the window at your staff do you want to go in? (Now seriously do you?)
Once inside is its clear where to find the prices? Can you quickly see if there is a deal that’s better for you?  

Can you see the production area? Is it clean does it inspire confidence or is it like the Swedish chef from the Muppets is working that night? Mess and disorganisation everywhere.

Has someone greeted you? Or is there a bell to ring. (How many times have you been somewhere and walked out because no one serves you or it’s not clear what to do to attract attention?)

When you order do they treat you as you expect, did they offer you a deal or engage in anyway that’s shows they are not a robot?

When you sit to wait (can you sit?) what can you see? What can you hear? (Hopefully not industrial language from the kitchen; but it happens) is there anything to promote where you are for example a newsletter or charity event on the wall?

How long did it take to make and did they thank you and ask for repeat business?
Finally is the product as expected, and is it better than the competitors.

Tip 6#     Have a vision

So now imagine the perfect visit to your business. Imagine walking up to your shop and it looks as perfect as you could get it (not how it looks now). Imagine walking in seeing the staff you’d like to employ (not who you have) working in a perfect environment you’d love your customers to see. Imagine the faces and sounds. What was on the walls did it convey confidence, hygiene, a social responsibility, a community presence, value for money, what-ever you want but a clear message?
Another customer walks in and the staff serve him. Is he laughing, is he a regular, or a new potential life customer? 

Imagine the staff treating him like royalty and up selling him to a big ticket value deal which he’s delighted with.

Now you have your amazing product packaged in your branded box with a menu stuck on it maybe. The staff then thank you and ask you to call again and wave you out.
This is just an example of what could be seen as an ideal customer journey. You could do this for the staff working there also and the owner. Imagine all those big spend transactions and going home in that Ferrari as your loyal staff wave you off. Lol!

It’s a perfect vision but that’s what you want. Now you have something to build towards, GO OUT AND GET IT. You might never get it all but if you settle for an ok shop with ok staff and so-so profit then that’s what you’ll get.

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