Sunday, 17 May 2015

30 Great tips on running a takeaway restaurant ( Tip 7, 8 & 9 )

Tips 7#  Do Figure of 8 every open and mid shift.

Take a trip front to back looking at brand, quality, security, team engagement. Is it all on track for the day. “The times I’ve walked into a store and found the day manager hasn’t unlocked the back door. Lethal and illegal in equal degrees. Clearly no walk around there and let’s hope a fire officer doesn’t visit.”
Tip#8    Trust your team to make decisions on your behalf, and let the make mistakes

Don’t do everything yourself.  Think of it this way. You’re paying them a wage, are you getting all you can from them. Are you getting their ideas, their commitment, their energy. If not, why? Give them responsibility and you’ll be amazed what extra you get free from them. What is the risk, very small I imagine. The opportunity is massive for you. Remember if they make a mistake just say we should learn from it. Fear of failure creates inaction, doubt and ass covering. Nothing you need in your business.  A good manager is not one that does everything themselves better than others. Its one that get others to do everything better than them.

Tip 9#  Have a plan for each shift.

You could call this a game plan or a jobs for the day list or an action plan. Whatever but its specific for the day it might have the cleaning jobs or the latest targets for the staff for selling. Make it fun but clear why you are doing it. Don’t forget you have a mission statement to reinforce it and your vision to check its improving. Tie it in with your basic legal stuff if you want (we’ll come onto that) but keep it visible for your staff (not your customers)

Don’t forget every topping on the burger needs to be double checked before it goes out that’s what we are all about

Push the pepperoni tonight double portion for price of single as we have short shelf life

If Mr Smith rings put him immediately onto me to deal with

Gail clean the fryer properly tonight please

Imran I need you to do 20 deliveries so be on your game please

Thanks good luck tonight  -  the boss

That’s brief but you get the idea. Don’t make it a massive chore just a consistent thing you quickly do. But why I hear you ask I know it all in my head and I’m totally on it. Well see below.

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